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Trio Bembe


The brush of palm leaves, the whispering waves, the salt in the air. You reach the end of the beach, and feel a steady beat. A little closer and you hear the strum of a guitar. Just as you arrive, a voice rings out strong and clear. This isn’t a dream. It’s Trio Bembe.

Out of the snowy Canadian prairies rises a tropical breeze from a surprising source. Three musicians join, having chased their passion to Cuba, Brazil, and Chile; Trio Bembe’s mastery of Latin music drives their audiences into a rhythmic frenzy.

Amber Epp first encountered Latin music in Canada, but it was not until she moved to Cuba that she discovered her Latin soul. She shares her passion with audiences, leaving them walking away with a smile on their face and a groove in their step.

Founder and leader of the well-known and loved Winnipeg band Papa Mambo, Rodrigo Muñoz is a primary figure in Canada’s music scene. His individual style on the guitar brings a rhythmic uplift to the harmonic side of Trio Bembe, and his laid-back, humorous personality immediately welcomes audiences into his world.

Scott Senior’s story is uncovered through the instruments that he plays: the pandeiro from Brazil, the congas from Cuba, the cajón from Peru. The joy of experiences relived is evident on Scott’s face each time he picks up one of his precious instruments. He invites you in, and then he takes you on his journey.

Trio Bembe creates infectious, danceable music that moves people; they’re the party down the street, so just follow your ears.


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Email: http://triobembe.com/talk/#email

The artist

Nationality: Various Countries

Resident in: Winnipeg, MB, CANADA