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Glenn Roy Lopes

Glenn Roy Lopes

Glenn Roy Lopes


Born:     Was born on the Caribbean island of Curacao.

Glenn Roy Lopes, founder of the GLB International has been performing since 1982 in the Netherlands for example the cities of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague and Arnhem.

Glenn Roy Lopes started making music from 1980 when his brother Clyde showed him a couple of guitar chords. From early on Glenn was fascinated by music but never did he get the chance to explore this any further.

Needles to say this fascination spurred him to become a fast and highly motivated learner.

Glenn always remains very thankful to Clyde for helping him take this first step into music.

Glenn started performing in 4/5 star hotels and restaurants (1983-1991) on the beautiful island of St.Maarten.

He also had the privilege of performing among international artists like Vicky Austin, Billy Preston, Herman Harper jr. and also local artists as the late George Willems, Ced Ride, Melvin Landburg and various more.

After 1991 he performed all over The Netherland, Europe until 1997 when he once again returned to the Caribbean but this time to the island of Bonaire (where the air is fresh and clear).

Glenn Lopes now himself a teacher, taught his son Steven Cyril and daughter Fallon the trade of music/entertainment.  He founded the band G.L.B Good Loving Band in which Steven, played the bass guitar and vocals and Fallon lead and backup vocals, alongside Giovanni, Kelvyn Escoto and Ronito Lopes.

Glenn traveled to and from the Caribbean, Europe for example Netherlands, Belgium, Austria (Salzburg and Vienna) and Germany.

He also performed a year in Turkey (2011) in Istanbul and Ankara with his brother Milton Lopes.

Glenn is now back in the Netherlands and started recording again. He has recorded the song “Lonely is a man without love”, No Puedo Vivir and some live recordings which are to be seen on his YouTube channel.

With all the support he has received Glenn has decided to record several more songs of which the seond single, “APESAR” with a sparkling video clip, which will be released on the 20th of June 2014.

This song is available for sale on most internet sites like ITunes, Spotify etc. and for viewing on YouTube & VEVO:

This Revulutionary, Romantic, Mulilingual and Innovative international salsa song came together with the help of his son Steven Cyril and the very talented young man Rudsel Comenencia very good.

Glenn Lopes has many years of experience which make him an all round entertainer.

His repertoire is huge, reaggea, old goldies, rock & rolls, top-40, calypso, socca, merengue, latin, ballads (love songs), instrumentals on his guitar etc.

Single’s                         : APESAR

                                      : No Puedo Vivir


Agency: glennroylopes

Phone: 0031 (0) 634154388

Email: glbbooking@gmail.com

The artist

Nationality: Curacao

Resident in: Curacao/Netherlands